Unlock waveforms from the bedside for remote care, automated strip export, and more

Closing the loop on patient-centered care means ensuring teams have access to relevant, complete and contextual data—anytime, anywhere. The effort to manually capture and export complex data elements, like waveforms, can create delays. If they’re inaccurate, incomplete or lack important context, the timing and quality of diagnosis and care can suffer.

MIC’s Sickbay™ software automates the process of capturing, digitizing and exporting these data elements. It lets clinicians’ access contextual, complete strips and waveforms historically and in near-real-time—right on their computer, tablet or phone—with a relatively small upfront investment.

Automating Strip Export

Today, not only is the process entirely manual but it can take hours or even days to get the strip into the EMR where it is visible to the care team.  This manual process and the time delay is wasting hundreds of resource hours and negatively impacting care decisions.   The strip that does make it into the EMR is often just a snippet; a snapshot in time resulting in the care team missing important trend data that lead up to the event.

Sickbay’s Patient Hx App with Strip Export

  • Eliminates manual scanning process saving time and money
  • Gives clinicians a link to a patient’s complete strip history
  • Is able to consolidate all information, including labs and medications, into a single view, adding context to expedite intervention
  • Access to complete patient history vs. a snapshot in time
  • Zoom in from one second to one year
  • Allows multiple team members to remotely monitor patients
  • Lets each user customize their view for any patient
  • Has the ability to tie in other data such as labs and meds to add context

Waveforms to Phone

Alarm fatigue is real and causing distractions to caregivers, especially since most alarms are without context. Receiving data with rich contextual data, like waveforms, with the alarm anywhere, anytime, can expedite decision making and help members of the care team make faster, more informed decisions on how to prioritize care.

Sickbay’s PatMon App

Extending the reach of remote surveillance, PatMon puts intelligent care into the clinician’s pocket. Remote doctors and nurses are now able to make more informed clinical decisions. PatMon continuously captures data from disparate devices and systems—including waveforms—and securely sends them with contextual alerts to a caregiver’s phone or tablet.

  • See full-patient near real-time data, including waveforms, on phones with alarms help improve prioritization of care
  • Customize your views based on your need
  • Get access to near real-time patient data on other devices, such as PC, tablet or within the EMR with the same integration
  • Get added context with alerts by adding in waveform event snippet from Patient Hx to alerts.
  • See all vitals and waveforms in near real-time
  • Easy navigation from waveform event to full trend that led to it and near real-time waveform data
  • Enables secure, remote consulting and care team communication

Contact us to learn more about how Capsule Technologies, through our partnership with MIC, can enable strip export, waveforms to phone, and access to real-time and complete historical waveform data on any PC, tablet, phone or within your EMR.

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