Applying Technology to Innovate in Population Health

Poor health habits can be costly, and behavior change may be the key to reducing care costs across the board. The average person spends more than half of their waking hours sitting down.1 Not only can sitting too much contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, cardiovascular disease, and early death—a sedentary lifestyle can be even more deadly than smoking or having diabetes, heart disease, or some end-stage diseases (Journal of the American Medical Association, 2018).2

With advanced connectivity and innovative, health-insurance benefit design, we’re unlocking behavior change for better health and digital therapeutics alike.

Capsule Technologies gets people moving with Frequency, Intensity, and Tenacity every day.  Our “FIT” goals make up an evidence-based, effective prescription for improved health and reduced risk of serious conditions. The FIT model was specifically developed for positive health impact and structured to motivate participant engagement; enablement of popular wearables and smartphones creates an intuitive, appealing experience.

Motion Can Make a Difference

  • Strong engagement and persistence rates have been realized
  • Participants were significantly more active than average Americans
  • Those with chronic conditions and diabetes participated at above-average levels
  • Health care costs were reduced, per participant per month

A New Level of Engagement

  • Compelling incentives to offset care costs
  • Daily goals that readily fit into daily routine
  • Evidence-based FIT goals promote health across multiple dimensions
  • Easy and motivating to start—wearable credit is included
  • Intuitive, gamified interface on smartphones and wearables
  • Leader board to inspire competition and build culture

Technology and Data Enabling Innovation

  • Confidence from 2net’s* secure, medical-grade data platform
  • Customized catalog of FIT-enabled wearables on leading brands
  • Accessibility on all leading smartphone brands and more
  • Proprietary gait analysis for fraud detection
  • Strategic, direct, custom product planning with device manufacturers
  • Near real-time data capture and processing

* The 2netTM platform provides seamless end-to-end connectivity for a growing, open ecosystem of medical-grade devices, apps and wearables. It’s making it possible to manage an increasingly complex population of patients in the home, including the millions of Americans with chronic disease.

How Can We Help You Innovate?

Cracking the behavior-change code is hard. This program is powerful and can be applied intelligently wherever healthier habits may have positive impact. A dynamic technology landscape can be hard, too; we’ll take care of that and deliver secure, contextual data to any platform.

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