Enabling a new era of continuous care.

Health systems are shifting from episodic interventions to continuous care models that follow the patient. But for these to succeed, medical devices must be seamlessly connected and their data securely shared. Unlocking near-real-time access to medical device data will become mission critical. When this data is easily captured, contextualized and accessed across care teams and settings, health systems have more tools they need to recognize early warning signs and improve outcomes in and out of the hospital.

Intelligent medical device integration, more insightful patient care.

Capsule Technologies is liberating data from an array of devices, sensors and therapies across every care setting and sending tailored data to multiple downstream systems. We’re enabling a new level of intelligent medical-device connectivity by making that data available in near-real time to help create comprehensive, highly contextual patient data that can improve care standards system-wide.

By connecting medical devices with Capsule’s Intelligent Care Platform, care teams can closely monitor patients and inform timely interventions. Our medical-grade solution is turning standalone devices into mobile gateways, helping capture and analyze their data to give clinicians the insights they need to act.

Capsule Vitals Plus. Improving the accuracy and timeliness of bedside information.

An all-in-one monitoring and clinical documentation solution, Capsule Vitals Plus offers a patient-centric view of all vital signs and contextual data, across all units. It also incorporates bedside analytics to identify the earliest signs of deterioration and provide recommended actions.

Capsule Vitals Plus gives you everything you need to capture and document accurate data at the point of care, integrate it with clinical observations and historical information and deliver data-driven insights to enhance clinical decisions.

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06 JUN 2019

Capsule Technologies, Inc. Earns MedTech Breakthrough Award

Capsule Technologies Inc. was awarded “Best Overall Medical Data Solution Provider” by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

30 JAN 2019

Vitals Plus: Flexible, clinical-friendly workflow

An all-in-one solution for monitoring and clinical documentation that combines ease of use and efficiency.