Data-driven care is powered by meaningful, timely data

In health care, data is one of the most valuable currencies. But not if it’s siloed in separate medical devices and systems. Though these devices and systems generate a staggering amount of data, the majority of it never reaches the patient record. Integrating and normalizing data from hundreds of devices and making it meaningful is a daunting infrastructure and operational task.

Intelligent Integration

Data-driven care is powered by meaningful, timely care

Combining industry-leading connectivity and data management, our solution unlocks device data and reveals timely insights to help inform decision-making across care settings.

Connectivity Management

A single solution to unlock the full potential of medical device data

Improve workflows, operational efficiencies and clinical decision-making. Capturing and harmonizing data from virtually any medical device, then delivering it to the downstream system, which can be accessed on clinicians’ phones or tablets, in near-real time.  Our solution helps you:

  • Connectivity to 875+ types of medical devices
  • Connect to virtually all existing medical devices and clinical systems, and transmit all elements outputted
  • Reduce the number of connectivity systems to manage—one vendor-agnostic system for virtually all medical devices throughout the hospital
  • Enhance care by improving visibility of data, timeliness of relevant information and improving communication among care teams
  • Populate precision medicine systems and research databases to continuously improve protocols and models of care
  • Manage updates and add new devices, and modify system settings for greater control

Data Management

Powering streaming contextual data to multiple downstream systems

Tailor the distribution of your data to each downstream system, to your specifications, to enable predictive insights, collaboration across care teams and improved decision making and research. Our Capsule Advanced Integration solution helps you:

  • Deliver tailored data to multiple downstream systems
  • Consolidate multiple alerts and add context into one meaningful message
  • Normalize waveform data output so receiving systems can reconstitute waveforms reliably and correctly
  • Provide research team with intelligent data to inform precision care models, improve protocols and improve the hospital reputation

Flexible, scalable options to unlock the power of medical device data

Capsule Advanced Integration

Send context-rich data, including waveforms, to multiple receiving systems, tailoring the data elements, frequency and format to each receiving system.

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Capsule Vitals Stream App

Designed for ORs and high-acuity care areas, the Vitals Stream app provides continuous near-real time vitals data and connectivity status at a glance. Users can easily see which devices are connected and associate all captured data with the right patient ID.

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Capsule Chart Xpress App

The Chart Xpress App connects existing standalone spot monitors in non-critical care areas, turning them into connected mobile solutions that automate vitals capture, reduce charting time from hours to seconds and improve the accuracy of vitals.

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Neuron Connectivity Hub

Combined with the Vitals Stream or Chart Xpress apps, the Neuron mobile clinical computer manages data and connectivity status from multiple devices, all on a single touch-screen display. It is ideal whenever patient ID, ease of chartability and security are required for successful integration.

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Axon Connectivity Hub

A single network bridge with up to 8 serial ports and small form factor extends its flexibility beyond the EMR. The Axon hub provides robust bidirectional medical device connectivity in areas with a high concentration of beds like the ICU, PACU and NICU.

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Rapid Patient ID

This core connectivity interface simplifies integration with wireless devices and those without a serial port, allowing clinicians to automatically ID patients at the bedside and ensure correct information is entered and verified.

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Insights & Events

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06 JUN 2019

Capsule Technologies, Inc. Earns MedTech Breakthrough Award

Capsule Technologies Inc. was awarded “Best Overall Medical Data Solution Provider” by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

30 JAN 2019

Vitals Plus: Flexible, clinical-friendly workflow

An all-in-one solution for monitoring and clinical documentation that combines ease of use and efficiency.

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