Delivering on the promise of near real-time actionable insights.

The promise of actionable insights in real time sounds appealing, but the gulf between the promise and reality is still significant for most health care organizations.

Most health systems have the raw material—volumes of data generated by patient monitoring devices. This is especially true in areas like the OR and Labor & Delivery, settings where patients could benefit most from rapid insights. Instead, most data remains siloed and inaccessible. With its individual screens and alarms, each monitor competes for attention, adding to the pressure in high acuity environments.

Even with significant IT investments in recent years, many organizations are struggling to reach their ultimate goal of extracting and visualizing valuable insights at the point of care to guide more personalized precise care.

Data Utilization
of device data generated is not recorded or leveraged1 †
False Alarms
of alarms in ICU and OR may be false positives2
Preventable Harms
of recorded patient ‘harms’ were preventable3

Intelligent applications offer insights at a glance.

Capsule’s intelligent applications ease much of the burden of continuous surveillance, helping clinicians better diagnose, treat and manage patients. These software solutions integrate a broad array of real-time streaming and historical data into validated algorithms that incorporate the latest evidence-based guidelines.

In critical care settings, these software solutions help clinicians navigate the tremendous amount of data each patient generates. The software automates calculations and alerts, presenting information in a clear, graphical manner. Armed with timely and complete data informed by algorithmically-based insights, clinicians can respond with appropriate interventions more quickly and decisively.


This application consolidates 250 real-time and historical data elements onto intuitive multi-patient and single-patient dashboards. With AlertWatch:OR, clinicians can track real-time patient status and case progress at a glance, including sophisticated alerts and clinical decision support built for the perioperative workflow.

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This application is focused on reducing maternal mortality during labor and delivery. The software integrates over 200 elements of data and provides actionable insights to clinicians focused on improving the detection and response to emerging safety issues.

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Capsule Early Warning Scoring System

Designed to supplement your EMR’s Early Warning Scoring System (EWSS), our system uses a sophisticated scoring algorithm to identify patients at risk and then guides the care team through the hospital-recommended interventions right at the bedside. This optional add-on to Capsule™ Vitals Plus or Chart Xpress is the ideal tool for non-critical care areas.

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Capsule IQ Analytics

A suite of cloud-based applications that proactively track the usage, life cycle, and status of your medical devices. IQ Analytics helps your Capsule system and connectivity infrastructure run more smoothly and avoid unplanned downtime and disruptions that can impact patient care.

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Motion was specifically developed for positive health impact and structured to motivate participant engagement and create an intuitive, appealing user experience. With advanced connectivity and innovative, health-insurance benefit design, we’re unlocking behavior change for improved health and reduced risk of serious conditions.

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06 JUN 2019

Capsule Technologies, Inc. Earns MedTech Breakthrough Award

Capsule Technologies Inc. was awarded “Best Overall Medical Data Solution Provider” by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

30 JAN 2019

Vitals Plus: Flexible, clinical-friendly workflow

An all-in-one solution for monitoring and clinical documentation that combines ease of use and efficiency.

Data on file. Qualcomm Life 2018.
ICU patient when connected to 10 devices.
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